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Barcode Generator SDK

For us as consumers, barcodes are frequently encountered codes on a daily basis (products and consumer items). They function as machine-readable parallel black and white line patterns and numbers printed to be scanned.

There are different types of barcodes on the market today, Code 128, QR Code, Code 39, Data Matrix, Universal Product Codes (UPC), Interleaved 2 of 5, are a few examples of available barcode types. Each of them has its own unique set of codes to be utilized. Most businesses employ the use of barcodes to keep inventory records as it is easier than writing them down.

Inventory data are designated barcode numbers that allow them to keep track of when an item is added or excluded by scanning. The use of barcodes makes identification, purchasing, inventory, and sensitive information encoding much easier. The business industry mostly relies on its rapid encoding and decoding abilities.

Barcode Generator SDK overview

Barcode Generator SDK is a well-packaged and complete toolkit that will get you started (or help you integrate an already running system) and guides you into proper barcode formatting. A year of technical support is also offered, along with optional source code licensing. With the toolkit, receive more than one hundred source code samples that are ready to be copied and pasted so you can begin to generate barcodes quickly and easily.  It is versatile and you may add barcodes directly to PDF and TIFF documents without any extra software. Trusted by many companies, Barcode Generator SDK can be used as an integration service of both first and second generation barcode formats in simple software that is easy to learn and comprehensible.

Barcode Generator SDK technical details

  • It includes components for both web applications and desktop usage: .NET class, Excel VBA, WinForms, Crystal Reports, ASP.NET Web Image control, Delphi and more.
  • An automatic validation system is built-in, giving you extra security and protection.
  • Changing the visual appearance, including font and font size, along with the option of modifying foreground and background colors is also allowed.
  • It offers five types of controls for instant barcode image generation; generate 1D barcodes and generate 2D barcodes simply and efficiently. Controls include: Windows Forms control, WPF barcode control, Web image control for ASP.NET, SSRS control for ASP.NET, non-visual .NET and ActiveX classes.
  • RDLC and SSRS reports are supported.
  • Print high-quality barcodes used in both industry and commerce.
  • It supports almost all one and two-dimensional barcode types, including Code 39, EAN, QR Code, Aztec, MaxiCode, PDF417 and Data Matrix. It will also support GSI (RSS) barcodes: GS1 Code 128, GS1 Databar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Truncated, and GS1 Databar Omnidirectional.
  • Generated barcodes are exported as EMF, JPG, PNG; GIF, and TIF images.

Potential uses of Barcode Generator SDK

No matter which industry you find yourself in, a barcode system can significantly improve and facilitate business. Use barcodes to produce encoded data of orders, name and track parcels, organize inventory, for identification purposes, to make grouped reports, and even use the QR code generator online for mobile payments. The possibilities are endless, it is up to the industry how, where, and why barcodes are used.

Notes on Barcode Generator SDK

Knowledge of basic barcoding systems is recommended. It is not enough to search for a barcode generator online in our favorite browser and expect to comprehend the full potential of barcodes and put it to good use. This is why a complete, trusted toolkit may help you dive into the world of barcodes and learn how to differentiate and therefore make the best selection of which barcode(s) is (are) right for your specific industry. Be mindful of the fact that the Barcode Generator SDK will only be able to generate a plethora of different types of barcodes previously discussed, but you will still require the equipment to read such barcodes if you do not already possess them.

There are various barcode generator software developing kits available to utilize, one of which is ByteScout, a well-trusted barcode generator tool which easily attaches them to PDF documents supporting 1D (Code39, ISBN) and 2D (Aztec, PDF417, DataMatrix, QR Code) barcodes and smoothly works for .NET, ASP.NET, SSRS, WinForms, ActiveX, VB6, Classic ASP.

The software includes a wide number of features and benefits some of which are listed below :

  • includes components for desktop and web applications development: .NET class, WinForms Control, ASP.NET Web Image control, SSRS reporting service, ActiveX interface to generate barcodes from Visual Basic 6, Classic ASP, Delphi, Javascript, Word, and Excel VBA;
  • 100+ source code samples included (just copy and paste!) for all supported languages and platforms;
  • supports almost all 1D linear and 2D (multidimensional) barcodes;
  • made using 100% C# code for .NET (optional source code licensing is available!)
  • adds barcodes to PDF documents (no other components are required);
  • Users are protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12 months of free updates and tech support included with every license
  • The software works offline without Internet connection required
  • Arrives with comprehensive documentation (100+ source code samples included for all supported languages and platforms);
  • Supports almost all 1D linear and 2D (multidimensional) barcodes, including MaxiCode barcode, MicroQR Code (2D), HanXinCode (2D) – NEW!
  • Mono .NET Framework compatible;
  • Made using 100% C# code for .NET (optional source code licensing is available);
  • Generates batch barcodes with a specified set of values;
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Barcode Generator SDK can be used in the POS industry to produce barcoded orders data, in the healthcare industry it can be used as an authentication on identification bracelets or attached to laboratory samples, in the banking sector Barcode Generator SDK can be used to add a digital signature to a transaction record as a tag, in hardware it is used to track and name deliverables and make check-in or check-out process facilitation easier.

Ensure that any Barcode Generator SDK opted for is easy to integrate into Microsoft Word, Server systems, ERP systems, .NET barcode Assembly, Source code licensing, Barcode DLL, Barcode ActiveX, and Three barcode software components.

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