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Where to use barcodes?

Thanks to the many benefits of implementing a barcode system, it has become almost a mundane adoption across the world. Barcodes are being used in hundreds of distinct areas, such as the following: business, medicine, electronics, whole sale, postal services, military, and more! The type of barcode that is used depends on the purpose sought but they all function similarly. Accurate understanding of necessities, goals, and barcode software and hardware will allow each industry pinpoint where to best use barcodes.

Use of barcodes in retail and wholesale stores

Most will come into contact with a UPC barcode in retail and groceries stores, allowing for easy tracking of inventory and pricing. Certain large retail centers that offer membership cards will issue unique barcodes to identify costumers. The goal is to have a better understanding of consumer tendencies from the specific clientele they seek and customize their marketing techniques to boost business. In return, those consumers are allowed product discounts or special offers. Products that can be barcoded in wholesale and retail are too numerous to list but include any item with an available surface to print, stick, or attach a barcode label onto: household appliances, electronic devices, houseware, clothing, toys, and canned foods, etcetera. Fresh fruits and vegetables may be the only excluded foods that do not count with a barcode in most cases.

Use of barcodes in medicine

Barcodes in hospital settings have a different purpose that involves patient identification and data to management of medical supplies. Quick access to a patient’s history, drug allergies, and personal information will facilitate treatment and avoid errors. Barcodes applied in research centers can be purposed for drug identification and specimen collection. Surgical instrument and supply kits are also barcoded to ensure compliance, optimization, tracking, and identification.

Barcode use in businesses

Businesses, small and large alike, will typically require barcodes to manage inventories and track assets. Each business must decide exactly what use they seek from barcodes to determine which barcoding system and hardware to purchase that will embody and serve those functions. For example, if it is a business delivery, barcodes may be focused on tracking delivery time and location of items. Other uses of the barcode system in businesses can include automated payment of invoices, accurate track of time and attendance of employees, speeding up manual inventory checks, and it is also a requisite for selling products on sites such as Amazon or eBay.

Using barcodes for postal services

Apart from the usual tracking of mail and packages, postal offices use barcodes to offer extra services to their customers. Postage barcodes will typically include ZIP codes and delivery addresses, along with any special services purchased, such as tracking. Barcodes help expedite processing and sorting of mail when it reaches different areas until arriving at its final destination. Thanks to the barcode system, mail is less likely to get lost, making the post office a secure and convenient method of receiving and sending correspondence and packages.

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